‘Reveries’ LP available now!!!

Our debut LP is finally available on Inimical Records out of Seattle. Evidently the first pressing sold out pretty quick, but the LP is NOT OUT OF PRINT. There’s another pressing on the way, and you should be able to find a copy in a store or distro near you soon. Also, if you bought one of the first pressing and you need a download code, contact Mike at Inimical Records.

You can also download songs from the website Moshpit Tragedy: http://moshpittragedy.com/arctic-flowers-reveries

About Arctic Flowers

Arctic Flowers' formed in 2009.Mixing punk, postpunk, peace/anarcho-punk, and deathrock to create something familiar but with a feeling all its own.
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One Response to ‘Reveries’ LP available now!!!

  1. Rayny says:

    Thanks for posting the Moshpit Tragedy link. I knew someone must have posted it as there have definitely been some orders for this lately.

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