Playing shows again!

We recently started playing shows again!  We played in Portland for The Know’s anniversary show on January 12 and it was a blast!  Mundo Muerto and Autistic Youth were great.  Cliff Martin played his first show with us as our drummer and ripped through the set.

The Morgue in Seattle on FRIDAY THE 13th was stellar, as all shows there have been.  Bellinghamsters showed up and the show was topped off by a 80’s dance party.  Mundo Muerto rocked the house, again.

We went to Tacoma for the first time and played the Fifth Quadrant–a house of hospitable, DIY, party outfitted punx, with an enormous house, that hosted us and blew us away on the dance floor.  Awesome bar with ginger hot toddies and a killer backyard.  The house show ruled and somehow we played a packed room without getting knocked over.  I can’t wait to go back to Tacoma!



About Arctic Flowers

Arctic Flowers' formed in 2009.Mixing punk, postpunk, peace/anarcho-punk, and deathrock to create something familiar but with a feeling all its own.
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